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“Educational” Consultants and Private Treatment Programs

There are no throw away kids.

Many kids have used up their trust capital with parents, schools, and communities. Behavior seems outlandish. Be wary, though. Before you send your student to a boot camp  or other type treatment facility consider a few things:

(1) Behavior does not occur in a vacuum. Students develop behaviors that work in their current setting to maintain their own physical and emotional safety. Sending a student away for behavior “treatment” often at the cost of thousands of dollars/month, is a horrible investment. These behaviors were developed in the home and are reactions to the home & school environment. Out-of-control students are just that.. kids…whether they are shaving or not. Temporary relocation while parents resolve their own negative behaviors (ie. anger, alcohol, addiction) should be done with a clear time line for ended the placement and with clear indicators to the child they are not the problem. Sending a kid away for treatment fails miserably as kids are returned to the initial environment where problems developed.

(2) Many “educational” consultants have no formal training or degrees in a very unregulated field. There is a reason that health insurance companies do not cover many of these fees. If you use a private educational consultant NEVER let them have isolated access to your child. Your child has already lost your trust, why would they come to you with a horrific story if one occurs. Any consultant that recommends removing the child from the home as an initial solution. NEVER allow an consultant to escort your child from home to a facility. There are escort services that are insured, bonded, and trained to handle emergencies.

These kids are already struggling. Do not put them in a situation where they can be exploited to boot.

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