Susan E. McLaughlin-Jones, EdD

Transformational Leadership & Culturally Engaging Instruction

Professional Development Offerings

Culturally Engaging Instruction I: The Cultural Continuum (1 ½  hours)

Schools have invisible codes that help students who know them become successful. The converse is also true. Students have hidden cues that help them feel valued and intrinsically motivate them to perform and engage in daily lessons and the school community. Incorporating these hidden cues into instructional delivery unlocks the potential of many underperforming students. This framework is more in depth than other diversity trainings that merely provide a dictionary of meanings for different cultural behaviors. This training provides an operational definition of all cultures as a continuum of values, beliefs, and behaviors.

Culturally Engaging Instruction II: Identity Matters  (1 hour)

Children become aware of identity and stereotypes during upper elementary years. By the end of middle school, students have either identified with the process of schooling or not. During these key years it is imperative that students find meaning in schooling. Further, students harbor surprising concerns about their own identity and these concerns can reduce performance in the classroom. Even during high school years, embedding cultural messages that resonate with students can engage the underperforming student.

Culturally Engaging Instruction III: Work session (1 hour)

With guidance provided, teachers improve overall effectiveness of  their best lesson or behavior management plans by incorporating culturally engaging strategies to create  more equitable school environments.

Assessment I: College Entrance Exams (1 ½ hours)

Train your staff to apply culturally engaging instructional practices to preparation activities for college entrance exams. These activities absorb minimal time from daily curriculum and allow students to better demonstrate their ability.

Assessment II: Beyond the Traditional Test (1 hour)

Incorporate culturally engaging instruction into classroom assessment activities. Turn content objectives into authentic assessment that aligns to the curriculum and allows all students to demonstrate their knowledge.

Leadership: Creating School Culture for School Improvement (1 hour)

Intended for small groups of leadership teams (20% of full staff), learn how to create a risk-safe environment for innovators or garner full faculty support for changes in practice by applying principles of culturally engaging instruction to staff interactions.

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