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Student Work

Teaching Earth/Space science has allowed me a unique forum to present content through project based learning and expository writing. Below are samples of various student projects.

Picture3Topographic Maps

Students were directed to choose a topographic map and turn it into a 3D representation. Some students did this electronically.

Picture4Geologic Time Scale

The Precambrian Era is approximately 9 more football fields in front of this one. Students were directed to create a scale model comparing geologic time to familiar items.

Picture2Regional Geology Project

Students were asked to research the geologic history of a region, its mineral resources, and how the geology has influenced the development of social structures. (upper left)

Big Bang Theory Development

Students were asked to describe the theory development, observational support, and theoretical flaws of the Big Bang Theory and compare to one other competing theory. This project culminates in an open ended position paper. (right middle)

Sea Floor Spreading

Students use Vernier Lab Quest to simulate polar reversals of the rock record in the Atlantic sea floor to gain understanding of plate tectonics and the Earth’s change over time. (bottom left)

090Student “Twiddles”

Some students require constant sensory input.  A small Lego set and boxes of beans are positioned throughout the room. This reduces texting and other small inconvenient behavior and directs those energies to better focus and constructive efforts. The best of those “twiddles” are photographed and celebrated.091


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